Segun el sitio oficial de U2, el canto de los Mexicanos hicieron que estos lo consideren el sitio donde mas se grito el Uno, dos, tres, catorce! (que aun no entiendo porque metieron el catorce ahi).

“Right from the off in City of Blinding Lights the audience was singing along to every word and when Vertigo was counted in no-one in the place needed Spanish lessons. This was without doubt one of the hottest starts to any show on Vertigo 05/06. And the band had also decided to ring the changes, with a lot of new touches in the show.”

Tambien resaltan la respuesta del publico en la cancion Sill Haven`t Found, que podria ser el lugar donde mas fuerte se canto desde que iniciaron el tour.

“The Boy era tracks were not here tonight and Mysterious Ways arrived suddenly and groovily after only three songs, quickly followed by Until The End of the World both of which have been appearing much later on the tour so far. Still Haven’t Found – was this the loudest singalong of the tour to date ? – ran into Beautiful Day, updated in honour of the people and the place.”

La letra de Beautiful Day, fue cambiada un poco con dedicatoria a Mexico y a los colores de su bandera:

“‘See the world in red in green
Mexico City
Right in front of you
Shine Mexico
Shine Mexico
The soul of Mexico…’