Se dieron a conocer los ganadores a los Webby Awards del 2015, que premió a lo mejor de la red.

Activism – Last Days of Ivory
Editorial Writing – The New Yorker
Charitable Organization/Non-Profit – More Than A Costume
Music – Pitchfork
Business Blog – Mashable

Online Film & Video
Branded Animation – 
Long Live New York
Individual Performance – If Google Was A Guy
Use of Interactive Video – Coldplay – “Ink”
Entertainment Channel – The Tonight Show
Long Form (Branded) – Guinness Sapeurs Documentary

Advertising & Media
Use of Native Advertising – ANZ GAYTMs
Use of Social Media – JC Penney’s Tweeting with Mittens
Digital Campaign – HBO – Awkward Family Viewing
Game or Application – UNICEF’s Tap Project
Integrated Campaigns – Bud Light’s Whatever Happens

Mobile Sites & Apps
Streaming Audio – Soundcloud
Streaming Video – Hulu Plus
Use of Mobile Camera – Hyperlapse
Games – Lumosity
Podcasts – Stuff You Should Know

Use of Video – #LikeAGirl
Writing – Last Week Tonight
Humor – The Onion
Overall Social Presence – Mashable
Sports – Special Olympics

Events & Live Webcasts – Howard Stern Birthday Bash