El día de ayer en el concurso Miss Universo el traductor cometió un tremendo error al traducirle la pregunta a Miss Kosovo, Gona Dragusha.

Lo que causo que contestara algo que originalmente no le habían preguntado, Dragusha quedo en tercer lugar, me pregunto que tanto hubieran cambiado las cosas de no ser por el estúpido traductor.

judge- good evening miss kosovo

kosovo- good evening

judge- my question is, pop superstar Justin Timberlake once said “the worst thing about being famous is, the invasion of your privacy” what is it about fame that makes many people- including you- want ot be famous?

(translator version- one time popstar justin timberlake said that fame is a way of pursuing your privacy, what is it that ummm pushes you or ..what makes you to be ..pursued by fame?”) someone tell me if this would make snese! no it doesnt!

kosovo- what makes me? what makes me be pursued by fame is my experience until now and all these sucsesses that ive achieved, i believe in a certain way give me some fame. i know that there are other ways of being famous. your beauty helps you become famous, and your intelligence. thank you.

La ganadora fue la Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez, seguida por Ada Aimee de la Cruz de República Dominicana.
Miss Universo Venezuela