En el sitio oficial del conductor Richard Hammond, se disculpa por lo dicho en el show del domingo en Top Gear.

About time I spoke up on the Mexican affair.

Look, I was talking about the cartoon characters in western movies we all watched as kids and I am really sorry if I’ve offended anyone. Yes, we were stereotyping on Top Gear and yes, that can go wrong – as it rather has – but it can also be quite funny and that’s what we were hoping to do. We Brits are often portrayed as clumsy snobs in bowler hats with brown teeth and terrible food. And it’s funny. The BBC knows that and that’s why they’ve stated quite clearly that ‘stereotype comedy is allowed within BBC guidelines in programmes where the audience has clear expectations of that being the case.’ I don’t think anyone will disagree that Top Gear falls into that category.

Nevertheless, if we really have upset anyone, if they really feel I was expressing a genuinely held view that I believed Mexico to be populated by blokes in big hats and moustaches, then I am very sorry. Clearly, I don’t really believe this, any more than I imagine France to be full of amorous cyclists with onions round their necks.

Of course, if I really did believe in these things, don’t you think the joke would rather be on me? RH

Richard Hammond