Aqui la lista completa de lo tocado en el primer concierto de U2 en Mexico, en la ciudad de Monterrey.

Si iras al concierto del estadio azteca, quizas lo mejor seria no continuar leyendo y que todo sea sorpresa….

I Will Follow

Electric Co.
Beautiful Day
Still Haven’t Found
City of Blinding Lights
Original of the Species
Love and Peace

Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet the Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Pride in the Name of Love
Where the Streets have no Name

End of the World
Mysterious Ways

With or Without You


‘Mexico we love you’

Nearly two months after Vertigo ’05 closed in Portland, and eight years
since their last visit to Mexico, U2 opened the fourth leg of the
Vertigo Tour in Monterrey last night.

We’ve had hot nights on this tour, we’ve had wet nights and this was
one of the coldest and darkest but from the moment ‘Vertigo’ blasted
across the stadium and the band arrived on stage, this was set to be a
night to remember. It takes an audience as well as a band to make a
great night in rock’n’roll and tonight we had an audience which was
really up for it.

Earlier The Secret Machines had opened up proceedings and won a lot of
new fans, some of whom noticed that Bono too had slipped out from the
dressing room to hear them play live. Within an hour, he and his
bandmates were onstage themselves as Vertigo ran into I Will Follow,
Electric Co and Elevation. As Beautiful Day arrived Bono took a breath
to remark on a beautiful night and in the cold air under a full moon
this show was surely visible from space.

‘A Monterrey moon, Shine on me,’ he sang, as Beautiful Day lifted the
Mexican fans, some of whom had been waiting outside – camping in tents
no less – for a couple of days. ‘I’ve been waiting,’ said Bono. ‘It’s
finally here tonight.’

Slipping between Spanish and English, his delight at being back in
Mexico, eight years since PopMart, was clear. ‘Mexico we love you,’ he
exclaimed, evoking more ecstacy from the locals. ‘Mexico is a country
of the future.’

This is the first time the outdoor set up, with the huge steel backdrop
and acres of staging, has been used since back in Lisbon in August. It
worked a treat despite the time off. When Bono made a dedication to the
late Kirsty McColl, ‘a great friend of ours, a great voice’, the
lighters and cells came out adding to the atmosphere for City of
Blinding Lights.

‘Buenos Nachos Monterrey’ added the singer, walking down the steps from
the main stage to get closer to the audience, many of whom had painted
‘U2’ on their faces.

Original of the Species arrived to the sound of Edge on piano and a
particularly huge roar of appreciation for a song which has gone down
spectacularly on Vertigo despite making a late appearance in the set
list and only then turning up irregularly. The new lighting and visuals
chime with the acclaimed video and when it sequed into Sometimes it was
not hard to see how this won ‘Best Vocal in a Rock Performance’ at the
Grammy’s last week. There was another moment of special rapture with
the familiar opening chords of Bad, before the fierce and furious
combination of Love and Peace, Sunday, Bullet and Miss Sarajevo.

As Adam headed down the front of the catwalk in Love and Peace, fans
started chanting his name in unison, which drew an appreciative grin
from the bassman.

‘Thank you for coming’ read the balloons hanging in the air before Larry blasted out the opening of Sunday Bloody Sunday.

The Declaration of Human Rights was in Spanish, much to the
appreciation of this audience and as the band arrived back on stage for
Pride, it seemed like they’d never been away. For End of the World
images of the band were projected onto the back of the stage which
looked sensational while in Mysterious Ways a young woman climbed up
onto the stage and was so excited to be performing with U2 she almost
wrestles the microphone off the singer.
‘Johnny, take a walk with your sister the moon
Let her pale light in, to fill up your room…’

And the pale light of the moon lit up this night in Monterrey.
‘Thank you for waiting for our band.’ said Bono.

‘Ole ole ole’ sang the city of Monterrey.