Los premios Annie premian a lo mejor de la animacion, y estos son los ganadores para la edicion 34:


Animated Feature
“Cars,” Pixar Animation Studios

Home Entertainment Production
“Bambi II,” DisneyToon Studios

Animated Short
“No Time for Nuts,” Blue Sky Studios

Animated TV Commercial
United Airlines, “Dragon,” Duck Studios

Animated TV Production
“Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends,” Cartoon Network Studios

Animated Videogame
“Flushed Away the Game,” D3 Publisher of America


Animated Effects
Scott Cegielski, “Flushed Away,” DreamWorks Animation & Aardman Features

Character Animation (Feature)
Gabe Hordos, “Flushed Away,” DreamWorks Animation & Aardman Features

Character Animation, TV
Yu Jae Myung, “Avatar” (The Blind Bandit), Nickelodeon

Character Design, Feature
Nicolas Marlet, “Over the Hedge,” DreamWorks Animation

Character Design, TV
Mike Kunkel, “The Life & Times of Juniper Lee” (Party Monsters), Cartoon Network Studios

Directing. Feature
Tim Johnson & Karey Kirkpatrick, “Over the Hedge,” DreamWorks Animation

Directing, TV
Giancarlo Volpe, “Avatar” (The Drill), Nickelodeon

Music, Feature
Randy Newman, “Cars,” Pixar Animation Studios

Music, TV
James L. Venable & Jennifer Kes Remington, “Foster’s Home for
Imaginary Friends” (One False Movie), Cartoon Networks Studios

Production Design, Feature
Pierre-Olivier Vincent, “Flushed Away,” DreamWorks Animation & Aardman Features

Production Design, TV
Martin Ansolabehere, “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” (Good Wilt Hunting), Cartoon Network Studios

Storyboarding, Feature
Gary Graham, “Over the Hedge,” DreamWorks Animation

Storyboarding, TV
Li Hong, “The X’s” (You Only Sneeze Twice), Nickelodeon

Voice Acting, Feature
Ian McKellen, Voice of the Toad, “Flushed Away,” DreamWorks Animation & Aardman Features

Voice Acting, TV
Eartha Kitt, Voice of Yzma, “The Emperor’s New School” (Kuzclone), Walt Disney Television Animation

Writing, Feature
Clement & Ian La Frenais, Chris Lloyd & Joe Keenan and Will
Davies, “Flushed Away,” DreamWorks Animation & Aardman Features

Writing, TV
Ian Maxtone-Graham, “The Simpsons” (The Seemingly Neverending Story), Gracie Films


Winsor McCay Award
Bill Plympton
Genndy Tartakovsky
Andreas Deja

June Foray Award
Stephen Worth

Certificate of Merit
Bill Matthews
Michael Fallik
Marc Deckter
Eric Graf

Nominaciones a Premios Annie 2006
Ganadores del 33th Annie Awards