Los que se fueron en el 2008

Como ya es tradicional en este sitio, la lista de las personas que nos dejaron en este 2008.

Entre los que destacan:  Richard Wright, Paul Newman, Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac, Sidney Pollock, Charlton Heston, Arthur C. Clarke, Roy Scheider, Heath Ledger.

En el terreno nacional y latinomericano:

Andrés Henestrosa, escritor mexicano, 101 años.
Gabo Minelli, bajista del grupo argentino Babasónicos
Marcial Maciel, sacerdote mexicano fundador de los Legionarios de Cristo, 87 años.
Emilio Carballido, dramaturgo mexicano, 82 años.
Eugenio Montejo, escritor venezolano, 69 años.
Ángel Tavira, músico mexicano, 83 años.
Aroldo Melodía, cantante y compositor brasileño, 78 años.
Alejandro Aura, poeta mexicano, 64 años.
Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda, dramaturgo mexicano, 59 años.
María Elena Marqués, actriz mexicana, 82 años.
Ulises Dumont, actor argentino, 71 años.
Juan Camilo Mouriño, político mexicano, 37 años.
Carlos Abascal, político mexicano, 59 años.
Amalia Solórzano, viuda del ex presidente mexicano Lázaro Cárdenas, 97 años.
Miguel Galvan, comediante mexicano, 50 años.
Evelio con v chica, comediante mexicano, 33 años.
Miguel Galvan, comediante mexicano, 50 años.
Anael Ochoa, sexologa mexicana,
Miguel Córcega, director y actor mexicano, 79 años.
Francisco “paco” Ibáñez, actor comico mexicano.
Jacqueline Voltaire, actriz mexicana, 59 años.

En el terreno internacional:

January 15 – Brad Renfro, actor (Mark Shay in “The Client”) age 25
January 17 – Bobby Fischer, world class chess champion, age 64
January 18 – Lois Nettleton, actor (Evelyn in “Crossing Jordan”) age 80
January 19 – Suzanne Pleshette,actress (“Bob Newhart Show” and “Rome Adventure”), age 70
January 20 – John Stewart Musician,Songwriter (was a member of the Kingston Trio)
January 22 – Heath Ledger, actor (A Knight’s Tale” and “Brokeback Mountain”) age 28
January 26 – Christian Brando, son of actor Marlon Brando, age 49
February 1 – Shell Kepler, actress (Amy Vining on “General Hospital” ) age 49
February 2 – Barry Morse, actor (Lt. Philip Gerard on “The Fugitive”) age 89
February 5 – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, taught transcendentalist meditation to the Beatles, age 96
February 10 – Roy Scheider, actor ( Police Chief Brodie in “Jaws”) age 75
February 12 – Van Johnson actor (major star at MGM during WWII and after)
February 13 – David Groh, actor (Rhoda’s hubby Joe, on “Rhoda”) age 68
February 27 – William F. Buckley, author and conservative commentator, age 82
February 28 – Mike Smith Musician (was the lead vovalist for The Dave Clark Five) age 64
March 18 – Arthur C. Clarke, writer (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) age 90
March 19 – Paul Scofield, actor (“A Man for All Seasons”) age 86
March 24 – Richard Widmark, actor (“How the West Was Won,” “Madigan” ) age 93
April 5 – Charlton Heston,actor (Moses in “The Ten Commandments”) age 84
April 18 – Joy Page, Actress (appeared in Casablanca as the newlywed) age 83
May 5- Jerry Wallace,1950’s Musician (1950’s country singer) age 79
May 8- Eddy Arnold, C&W Musician (baritone voice helped to create the Nashville sound) age 89
May 24- Dick Martin,Comedian (developed Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In with Dan Rowan) age 86
May 26 – Sidney Pollock, Director (directed The Way We Were and many others) age 73
May 29- Harvey Korman,Actor (best known for his role on the Carol Burnett Show)age 81
Día 1.- Yves Saint-Laurent, diseñador francés, 71 años.
June 2- Bo Diddley,musician (one of the founding fathers of “Rock & Roll”) age 79
June 7- Jim McKay,sportscaster (anchored ABC Wide World of Sports)
June 13 – Tim Russert, political journalist and host of NBC’s “Meet the Press”
June 17 – Cyd Charisse, Dancer – stylized dance on screen (performed with Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly)
June 22 – George Carlin, Comedian (best known for his use of off color language) age 71
July 4 – Sen. Jesse Helms, Politician, (5 term Senator from N Carolina and outspoken conserative) age 86
July 12 – Tony Snow,Reporter, Press Secretary (White House spokesman until cancer forced his retirement) age 53
July 22- Estelle Getty, actress (best known for her role on The Golden Girls) age 85
August 9 – Bernie Mac, Comedian (starred in his own sitcom titled The Bernie Mac Show) age 50
August 10- Isaac Hayes, Musician (famous for writing the musical theme to Shaft) age 65
August 18- Pervis Jackson, Musician (was the bass voice of the Spinners)) age 70
September 2 – Jerry Reed, Musician, Actor (co-starred in Smokey & the Bandit) age 71
September 15 – Richard Wright, Musician,(Pianist played with Pink Floyd) age 65
September 26- Paul Newman, Actor,race car driver, philanthropist (starred in 50 films best known for Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid) age 83
October 15- Edie Adams,Comedian/Actress ( known as the Pitch-girl for Muriel Cigars) age 81
October 17- Levi Stubbs,Singer ( front man for the Four Tops) age 72
October 19- Richard Blackwell, Fashion Critic (best known for his “Ten Worst Dressed Women” yearly list) age 86
October 24- Merl Saunders, Musician/Keyboardist (played with The Grateful Dead) age 74

October 25 – Estelle Reiner, Actress (Wife of Carl and Mother of Rob Reiner) age 94
November 4- Michael Crichton, Writer and Producer (Creator of tv show ER) age 66
December 1 – Paul Benedict, Actor (best known as the quirky neighbor on the Jeffersons), age 70
December 1 – Dakota Culkin, Actress (Macaulay sister), age 29
December 25 – Eartha Kitt, Singer (smooth purrr like voice, sang Santa Baby and many others), age 81

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