Nicki Minaj explota contra Mariah Carey en American Idol

Se ha filtrado un video de las grabaciones de las audiciones de American Idol, en el se puede ver como la cantante Nicki Minaj explota contra Mariah Carey, mientras en medio Keith Urban solo observa.

Aquí la transcripción:

Mariah “Oh Why, why, why do I have a three year old sitting around me?”

Nicki: “I told them I’m not ****ing putting up with your ****ing highness over there. I’m not sitting here for 20 minutes and have her run down her resume every five miuutes, every day.”

Mariah: “I couldn’t see my kids because you decided to have a little baby fit and go all around the stage.”

Nicki: “Good! Go! Go see them now, go. You’re boring as ****.”

Nicki Get this shit in self control. Get in control. Get in control.
Randy Settle down, settle down.
Nicki Don’t lose your head. Don’t lose your head (inaudible). Don’t tell me I’m a gangster.

Nicki (inaudible) every 5 minutes. So every time you patronize me, I’m-ma take it back, and if you’ve got a f**king problem, handle it.
Nicki I told them I’m not fuckin’ putting up with her fucking highness over there. Figure it the fuck out. Figure it out.
Nicki I’m not gonna sit here every fucking minute to have you come down and harass me every minute everyday.

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