Es hora de comparar la próxima generación de consolas de videojuegos de SONY y Microsoft, la PS4 y la Xbox One basándose en los videojuegos exclusivos de cada una.

Juegos exclusivos de PS4

  • Blacklight: Retribution: Free to play FPS action only on PS4 and PC from Zombie Studios.
  • Daylight: First-person survival horror with randomly generated levels and a serious lack of light sources.
  • DC Universe Online: The PS3 MMO hit returns on PS4. Become a hero or a villain and team up with famous characters in Gotham and Metropolis.
  • Driveclub: Drive! In a club! Social online racing from the guys behind the awesome Motorstorm.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn: The troubled Square Enix MMO is back and ready to prove itself on PS4.
  • Infamous: Second Sun: Rock around Seattle with superpowers in the third game in the Infamous franchise.
  • Killzone: Shadow Fall: Shoot some Helghast in the face as you return to the world of Guerilla’s FPS series.
  • Knack: Fun action platforming for the kids, or adults who never really grew up.
  • The Order: 1886: Adventure through an alternate history steampunk London full of things that go bump in the night.
  • Planetside 2: A free to play MMO FPS that has been a great success on PC.
  • Primal Carnage: Genesis: An episodic single player series about a world where dinosaurs have been brought back from extinction.
  • Secret Ponchos: An indie action shooter from the excellently named studio, Switchblade Monkeys.
  • Super Stardust HD sequel: We know another Super Stardust is coming, but not much more. Expect lots of shooting!
  • Warframe: Another free to play shooter, this time in a third person viewpoint. A big success on PC so far.
  • War Thunder: Multiplayer flight sim with planes from a variety of time periods. Highway to the danger to the zone!

Juegos Exclusivos Xbox One

  • Below: An indie roguelike from the guys behind the excellent Sword and Sworcery EP on iOS.
  • Crimson Dragon: A spiritual sequel to Panzer Dragoon. Ride on the back of a dragon and shoot stuff!
  • D4: An episodic murder mystery from the crazy genius Swery 51. We already like it.
  • Dead Rising 3: Can you survive in a city overrun by bloodthistry zombies? Everything you see can be a weapon.
  • Fantasia: Music Evolved: A Disney motion controlled rhythm action game developed by Harmonix.
  • Forza Motorspot 5: The return of what many consider to be the best racing game series in the world today.
  • Halo 5: We know it’s coming, but we don’t know when… or anything else, really.
  • Killer Instinct: A free to play reboot of the old Rare fighting game.
  • Kinect Sports Rivals: More gesticulating wildly in front of a television in a weird pastiche of real sports.
  • LocoCycle: Get dragged along the desert by a sentient military motorcycle. Yep, it’s pretty weird.
  • Project Spark: A strange mixture of world building and base defending using innovative voice control.
  • Quantum Break: The new game from Remedy which blends live action video with sections of gameplay.
  • Ryse: Son Of Rome: Historical hack and slash from Crytek set in ancient Rome.
  • Sunset Overdrive: An open world shooter from Insomniac Games, previously famous for their partnership with Sony.
  • Titanfall: A new sci-fi FPS IP from Respawn, a studio created by old Infinity Ward members.
  • Zoo Tycoon: Microsoft’s classic zoo management strategy game comes to console.

¿Cual creen que tiene mejores exclusivas?