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David Byrne y Brian Eno regalan sencillo

Aug 5, 2008 Author: Rodrigo O. | Filed under: Musica Ingles

Los músicos David Byrne y Brian Eno han puesto de manera gratuita en su sitio web el nuevo sencillo que han hecho juntos para el album “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today” que saldra el 18 de Agosto.

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  • Descarga el nuevo sencillo de Coldplay

    Apr 29, 2008 Author: Rodrigo O. | Filed under: Musica Ingles

    La banda Coldplay ha puesto de manera gratuita en su página web el primer sencillo de su nuevo album Viva la Vida de nombre Violet Hill y que saldra a la venta el 12 de Junio.

    Descargar Violet Hill de Coldplay

    Mariah Carey, numero uno por sexta vez

    Apr 24, 2008 Author: Rodrigo O. | Filed under: Musica Ingles

    La cantante Mariah Carey logró el sexto número uno de su carrera gracias a su último álbum, ‘E=MC2’, que ha vendido 463.000 copias en su primera semana en el mercado, informó la publicación especializada Billboard.

    Esa cifra, de las cuales 50.000 copias fueron mediante descarga legal por internet, supone la marca más alta del año para un disco en su semana de estreno y la más elevada de la artista en su carrera.

    Symptoms of Brain Tumor

    Mar 25, 2008 Author: Rodrigo O. | Filed under: Musica Ingles

    Symptoms of Brain Tumor

    All forms of brain tumor are serious, but if someone is diagnosed with a brain tumor, it is better to have benign brain tumor symptoms, rather than metastatic (cancerous) ones, because that means their particular tumor has not resulted in a cancerous growth. Unlike other symptoms of brain tumor-which include headaches, seizures, weakness, and personality changes-benign brain tumor symptoms are far less serious, considering the other possibilities. These sorts of brain tumors are composed of a smaller group of cells that do not follow the regular kind of cell division and growth patterns. They develop into a mass of cells that do not take on the characteristic appearance of a cancer. They might find out about this benign diagnosis when undergoing a CT or MRI scan. (CT stands for Computerized Tomography, often referred to as a CAT scan, or X-ray procedure,; MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which is a radiology procedure that uses a computer to produce images of body structures On the other hand, this kind of tumor should not to be downplayed, but should be treated with extreme care and caution.

    Though a benign brain tumor doesn’t usually develop into something cancerous, it can still happen. If someone has a family history of cancer, they should be diligent about getting frequent to regular medical checkups. The same holds true if they are often exposed to radiation or chemicals, such as formaldehyde.

    There are numerous symptoms of brain tumor, such as changes in any of the five senses (sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch), a change in how they feel pain, pressure, or temperature, and loss of control over coordination, balance, or bodily functions. Those individuals with symptoms of brain tumor will often have difficulty doing things that used to be simple, such as walking, talking and retaining information from someone when they are speaking.

    Brain tumor symptoms in teenagers are something to be aware of; tumors and cancers are no respecter of age. symptoms of brain tumor in women In fact, brain tumors are more common in young children and older adults than in the ages between. So, though brain tumor symptoms in teenagers may not be any different from the ones that adults experience, it does indicate something important: the symptoms are probably more aggressive than usual. (Since it is far rarer in teens, it should be taken that much more seriously.)

    Other symptoms of brain tumor:

    ” Memory loss, confusion

    ” Muscle weakness in the face, arm, or leg (usually on one side) brain tumors symptoms

    ” Vertigo

    ” Changes in alertness

    ” Changes in behavior, mood, emotions, personality

    ” Eye abnormalities-eyelid drooping, different sized pupils, uncontrollable movements

    Individuals should not immediately jump to conclusions if they display one or several symptoms of brain tumor, whether these are brain tumor symptoms in teenagers or symptoms in adults. If possible, consult a surgeon or medical doctor who is an expert in this area. There is surgery, treatments and procedures available out there for certain brain tumors. For instance, there is radiation therapy and chemotherapy as well as some procedures that will reduce brain swelling, pressure, and seizures. Pain medication and antacids are available to help deal with some symptoms, too.

    Be sure to refer to several resources when conducting research for yourself or a loved one, symptoms of brain tumors in addition to getting regular medical checkups. Some such resources are as follows:

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  • Lo nuevo de REM sera lanzado en iLike

    Mar 10, 2008 Author: Rodrigo O. | Filed under: Musica Ingles

    Olvidense de las premieres de radio, el nuevo album de R.E.M. de nombre "Accelerate" sera lanzado en via stream en facebook gracias a la aplicacion iLike.

    El disco podra escucharse en su totalidad el dia 24 de marzo, una semana antes de su lanzamiento el 1ero de Abril.

    Anteriormente la banda ya habia lanzado una convocatoria en linea para que sus fanaticos hicieron un video de su primer sencillo "Supernatural Superserious" .

    R.E.M. Accelerate su nuevo album
    Las grandes canciones de los 90s de VH1
    REM lanzara CD-DVD en Vivo
    Productor de Snow Patrol con REM

    NME y lo mejor del 2007

    Dec 27, 2007 Author: Rodrigo O. | Filed under: Musica Ingles

    NME dio a conocer su lista a los mejores albums del 2007, asi como a los mejores sencillos:

    50 mejores sencillos del 2007:


    Por Tema:


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